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The DIR-882 has D-Link's standard interface described quite some time ago in the DIR-880L review. There is no on-line emulator.

D-Link DIR-882 Home page

D-Link DIR-882 Home page

Here's a feature rundown, mostly extracted from browsing through the admin GUI.


  • DHCP, Static, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP, DS-Lite WAN connection types
  • MTU adjust for all connection types
  • DHCP server with lease time setting and broadcast controls
  • WAN port speed setting (Auto, 1000, 100, 10 Mbps)
  • UPnP (enabled default)
  • Built-in dynamic DNS client for and free and custom services
  • 24 each IPv4 and IPv6 static routes
  • DMZ host
  • IPv4 SPI firewall enable, anti-spoof checking, IPv6 Simple Security, IPv6 Ingress filtering
  • Multicast stream enables for IPv4 and IPv6
  • PPTP, IPsec, RTSP, SIP ALG disables
  • 24 each schedulable single port and port range forwarding. (Can set source and destination ports on single ports [virtual servers])
  • 24 each IPv4 / IPv6 schedulable allow/deny inbound/outbound port filtering by IP address
  • 24 domain-based allow / deny (global) Web access filters
  • Three level priority based QoS


  • WAN support (auto-detect, static, link-local, autoconfiguration [SLAAC/DHCPv6], PPPoE, IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel, 6to4, 6rd)
  • DNS (auto, manual)
  • LAN (DHCP-PD, static)
  • Port range filter allow/deny


  • SMB file sharing
  • FTP server
  • DLNA media server


  • Syslog support
  • Linux system messages download
  • Email alerts and log send
  • Save / restore settings
  • Reset to defaults
  • Reboot
  • Auto reboot daily/weekly
  • Firmware update check (not automatic) and update via browser or downloaded file
  • Remote management enable w/ admin port setting
  • HTTPS administration, both local and remote
  • Graphical traffic statistics for Internet, LAN and 2.4 and 5 GHz

Other features you may wish you had include:

  • DHCP reservations
  • Triggered port forwarding
  • IPv6 port forwarding
  • Useful online help
  • Logs in browser
  • Traffic monitoring, limit alerts
  • Bridged router mode

It looks like D-Link has added some features missing previously. The VLAN feature in the Internet (WAN) settings looks like it was added to support service providers. You can enter a VLAN ID tag for three different VLANs, then assign Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Guest connections to each zone.

D-Link DIR-882 VLAN

D-Link DIR-882 VLAN

VPN support has been added in the form of Quick VPN, which is D-Link's moniker for an L2TP over IPsec server. This should be able to connect Windows clients that now have an L2TP over IPsec client built in.

D-Link DIR-882 Quick VPN

D-Link DIR-882 Quick VPN

You can define only one user, however. I didn't test this feature.

D-Link DIR-882 Quick VPN user

D-Link DIR-882 Quick VPN user

D-Link still hasn't added the ability to view any logging info in the admin GUI. But you can download the Linux messages file, which will look like this.

Wireless Features

You get transmit power adjustment of High (default), Medium and Low, scheduled wireless on/off, radio disables and one guest network for both radios. WPA Enterprise / RADIUS mode is not supported. WPS controls are provided for PBC (push-button, default enabled) and PIN methods (default disabled).

The router defaults to "Smart Connect" enabled. This term was originally coined by Broadcom for its tri-radio routers to describe a band-steering feature that is supposed to intelligently distribute devices between radios to optimize total throughput. Since then, the term has been co-opted and applied to any routers that actively band-steer, even plain ol' two-radio ones.

What this means on a practical basis is the router defaults to one SSID for both radios as shown below. Note in Smart Connect mode you have no control over channels.

D-Link DIR-882 Smart Connect WLAN default

D-Link DIR-882 Smart Connect WLAN default

Disabling Smart Connect creates unique 2.4 and 5 GHz SSIDs. Here's the 2.4 GHz defaults...

D-Link DIR-882 Smart Connect off - 2.4 GHz

D-Link DIR-882 Smart Connect off - 2.4 GHz

...and 5 GHz defaults. Even though D-Link specs 80+80 MHz bandwidth support, it's not currently implemented. Word from D-Link HQ is that it won't be available until "early Q1 2018". Not a biggie, though, since devices that support this mode are scarce.

D-Link DIR-882 Smart Connect off - 5GHz

D-Link DIR-882 Smart Connect off - 5GHz

Here are the Guest Zone settings.

D-Link DIR-882 Smart Connect off - 5GHz

D-Link DIR-882 Smart Connect off - 5GHz

There are no Smart Connect controls other than the enable / disable. There are no controls to disable MU-MIMO, nor are there any to switch the 882 to act as an AP or wireless bridge.

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