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I tested with 3.4.2 Build 0331T using our standard NAS test process.

The Benchmark summary below shows Windows File copy write measured 46 MB/s, with file copy read significantly higher at 79 MB/s.

QNAP TS112 Benchmark Summary

NASPT File Copy write benchmarks were all higher and more evenly matched at 63 MB/s for write and 70 MB/s for read. As with all other tested NASes, the tougher NASPT Directory Copy tests didn't break out of the mid teens.

I was able to run all my backup tests because the TS-112 supports both USB 2.0 and eSATA drives and has a built-in formatter that includes EXT3. Best attached backup performance of 52 MB/s was with FAT32 and eSATA and was worst at 19 MB/s with NTFS and USB. But EXT and FAT USB backup speeds were essentially the same at 21 and 20 MB/s.

Rsync network backup measured 19 MB/s to the NAS testbed running Delta Copy.

iSCSI write and read to a 10 GB volume produced 30 MB/s and 48 MB/s, respectively, which are not too bad for a l'il ol' single-drive NAS.

The File Copy Write and Read charts below are filtered to show only single-bay NASes. Of the top four, the TS-112 is the only one running a 1.2 GHz Marvell Kirkwood (88F6281). The Buffalo LinkStation Pro LS-VL and QNAP TS-119P+ both are based on 1.6 GHz Kirkwoods (88F6282), while the WD MyBook Live uses a 1 GHz Applied Micro APM82181.

File Copy Write Comparison - one bay products

File Copy Write Comparison - one bay products

For filecopy write, three of the four are pretty evenly matched, with the significantly more expensive QNAP TS-119P+ being the outlier. For file copy read, the 119P+ is again the highest performer. But the Buffalo drops below the pack by almost 10 MB/s.

File Copy Read Comparison - one bay products

File Copy Read Comparison - one bay products


The Price vs. Performance plot for single-bay NASes shows the tight cluster of the TS-110, TS-112, Buffalo LS-VL and WD MyBook Live. But you should remember that both the Buffalo and WD are diskful, coming with 1 and 2 TB, respectively.

Price vs. Performance - one bay products

Price vs. Performance - one bay products

Neither the Buffalo nor WD can match the QNAPs for features. But if you are looking for basic network storage with decent speed and simple media serving, both are a better value than the QNAPs. If you're trying to decide between the TS-110 and 112, I think I'd spend the extra $25 or so to get the extra read performance from the TS-112.

There won't be a full review of the TS-112. Use the new NAS Finder and NAS Charts to compare it with other products.

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