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There is no utility shipped with the product or available for download from the product's support page. If you want to change the default security code, you'll do that by pushing the "Simple Connect" button


I tested the DHP-701AV using our standard powerline test procedure, with all results entered into the Powerline Performance Charts.

Since there are no other AV2-M1500 class products in the charts, I decided to compare the two MIMO AV2-M1000 class products tested so far, TRENDnet's TPL-420E2K and ZyXEL's PLA5405KIT. This will show whether the additional 20 MHz of bandwidth the 1.5 Gbps MIMO AV2 profile uses does any good.

The Downlink Throughput plot below shows the DHP-701AV having the highest throughput only in Location C. Both AV2-M1000 class adapters spank the D-Link in the same outlet Location A test.

Downlink throughput comparison

Downlink throughput comparison

Looking at the composite IxChariot downlink plot shows the culprit: high cyclical variation. The variation is also there to a lesser extent in the mid-range Location C test.

Downlink throughput composite

Downlink throughput composite

The DHP-701AV turns in its best performance on Uplink in Location C again, soundly beating the other two products. But in the best and worst case test positions A and E, the margin over the other two products slims considerably. The 401 Mbps in Location A is the highest measured result from the D-Link.

Downlink throughput comparison

Downlink throughput comparison

The IxChariot plot shows the cyclical variation is basically gone. The rise at the beginning of the tests is IxChariot's Nagle's algorithm quirk we see all the time in 802.11ac wireless tests.

Downlink throughput IxChariot composite

Downlink throughput IxChariot composite

The simultaneous up /downlink IxChariot plot for the DHP-701AV shows a huge mismatch in the two directions, with a definite preference for uplink (transmit) traffic.

I observed the same behavior testing the ZyXEL PLA5206, which uses Broadcom's AV2 SISO device. The 391 Mbps total is better than the 308 Mbps the ZyXEL produced, however.

IxChariot simultaneous up/downlink

IxChariot simultaneous up/downlink

Adding more simultaneous streams gained another 70 Mbps or so for 466 Mbps of total throughput. This is much better than the 327 Mbps total the ZyXEL yielded in the same test.

IxChariot simultaneous up/downlink x2

IxChariot simultaneous up/downlink x2

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