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LAN & WAN Reviews


Feature-wise, the main things the RV082 and RV016 add over the RV042 are a bit higher performance, more WAN port flexibility and more IPsec tunnels (100 vs. 50). Table 2 summarizes the WAN, LAN and DMZ port situtation.

Model WAN LAN DMZ Comment
RV042 2 4 1 Second WAN port shared w/ DMZ
RV082 2 8 1 Second WAN port shared w/ DMZ
RV016 7 13 1 5 LAN ports can be configured as WAN
Table 2: Cisco RV0XX v3 series WAN and LAN port comparison

The RV016 also gives you five more PPTP tunnels than the RV042 and 082—a total of ten.

Doug did a good job of walking through many of the new GUI's features in the RV042 v3 review. Note that the new v4.0.3.03-tm firmware fixes the GUI access problems Doug had with Firefox.

RV016 v3 System summary page

Figure 4: RV016 v3 System summary page

Here's a summary of the RV0XX series' other features, with differences between models noted.

General and Firewall

  • IPv4 and dual-stack IPv4 / IPv6 support (requires v4.0.3.03-tm or higher firmware)
  • Static, Dynamic PPPoE and PPTP WAN types with MTU adjustment and MAC address clone
  • Firewall can be disabled for bridge mode
  • One-to-One NAT support
  • Dynamic DNS clients for and
  • RIPv1, RIPv2 and RIPng (IPv6) dyanmic routing
  • DMZ physical port and LAN IP support
  • Triggered and static port and port range forwarding (30 each)
  • SPI+NAT firewall with Java, cookie, ActieX and proxy blocks, SPI, DoS, Multicast passthrough, WAN request block and remote management disables
  • HTTP / HTTPs remote management with port setting
  • Scheduleable firewall inbound / outbound access rules with separate source and destination ports (50 max)
  • Status URL keyword blocking
  • Optional ($) Cisco ProtectLink content filtering


  • 100 IPsec tunnels for site-to-site or client-to-gateway (50 on RV042)
  • 50 Quick VPN tunnels (client to gateway)
  • 5 PPTP tunnels (10 on RV016)
  • Encryption levels: DES, 3DES, AES-128, AES-192, AES-256
  • MD5/SHA1 authentication
  • IPsec NAT traversal supported
  • PPTP, L2TP, IPsec passthrough
  • Split tunnel supported (RV042, RV082 only)


  • Rate (bandwidth) and priority modes
  • Two-level priority, upstream and downstream, assignable by WAN interface and service port
  • Max and min rate (bandwidth) limits can be assigned to IP ranges and WAN interfaces, up and downstream

There are some shots of the various IPv6 and other screens in the gallery with additional detail.

Image Gallery

Despite all the features, the RV0XXes don't do everything you might want from a small business router. For example, VLAN handling isn't as flexible as you can get in most "smart" switches.

Figure 5 shows the Port Setup page that contains physical port disables, priority and speed / mode settings. There is also a VLAN selector, which looks encouraging.

RV016 v3 port setup

Figure 5: Port setup

You can't assign LAN ports to multiple VLANs, nor can you assign WAN or DMZ ports to any VLANs. And 802.1q VLAN tagging also isn't supported. But Cisco tells me that assigning ports to different VLANs will block broadcast traffic and keep them from accessing one another, while still supporting Internet access for all clients.

So the most common use of VLANs, segmenting a LAN, but maintaining Internet access is handled without needing to mess with PVIDs and other complications you run into with managed / smart switches.

Updated 7/13/2011

The RV0XXes also don't support multiple subnets, which more advanced networks might need.

All the RV0XXes do support multiple subnets (option under Network - Setup).

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