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So what packages do I use? Well initrd, root, config, etc, local, modules, iptables, shorwall, and ulogd are basic packages that most everyone will need. The interface connected to my cable modem is configured by dhcp, so I also need dhcpcd (DHCP client daemon).

LBU comes with dhcpd (DHCP daemon) and dnscache (a dns caching daemon), but I found that dnscache has a problem resolving parts of my banking institution's online system. The same problem cropped up about a year ago with certain websites, notably []. There was some discussion of this on the LEAF mailing list, and basically the problem boils down to the fact that dnscache is a very strict implimentation of DNS protocol, while some websites impliment DNS in a slightly non-standard way.

I found an alternative to dnscache that does seem to resolve even non-standard sites, by using the dnsmasq package, which also provides a DHCP server. The neat thing about dnsmasq is that it resolves local network names by using the /etc/hosts file and its own DHCP server, and it resolves the outside world by using servers listed in /etc/resolv.conf. Pretty slick. I believe that plans are for dnsmasq to replace dhcpd and dnscache in future versions of LBU.

The dropbear package (SSH server) is included with the base system, and is very handy for remote administration. The ezipupd package is an automatic updater for several dynamic name services, like []. Finally, I run the ntpsimpl package (NTP server), which also requires the libm package.

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